IS088 מצלמה תרמית למרחקים של עד 20 ק"מ לזיהוי תנועת רכב ואדם

סדרת VC
מצלמה אופטית HD PTZ לטווח ארוך מיועדת לניטור לטווח ארוך. עם אנליטיקה
קישור פוטואלקטרי, טכנולוגיית עיבוד תמונה אופטית ו-AFR, המצלמה משתמשת באורך הגל אור הארוך
לשיפור פרטי התמונה בסביבה מעורפלת, לחה ומאובקת
עם מערכת בקרה אלקטרונית מובנית בדרגה טכנית, יתרונות המצלמה:

 פונקציות כמו התקרבות, מיקוד ומעבר וידאו בקלות.
בית מצלמה אחד אינטגרלי מסגסוגת אלומיניום והגנה מפני חדירת IP66
מבטיח את תפקודו התקין בחוץ..


Distance PTZ Optical Camera
VC Series
long range HD PTZ opt ical camera is designed f or long range monitoring. With the intelligent
photoelectric linkage, optical and AFR image processing technology, the camera uses the long wavelength
light to enhance image details in foggy, moist and dusty environment
With built-in technical grade electronic control system, the camera can
complete functions like zooming, focusing and video switch easily.
One integral aluminum alloy housing and IP66 ingress protection
ensures its proper functioning outdoor..
1. Optical filtering and image processing technology, color and B/W fog penetration mode.
2.12~1000mm lens optical camera module, 83X zoom
3.Intelligent analysis function
4. 360° continuously rotation PT, rotation stably.
5.One integral aluminum alloy housing, IP66 ingress protection, waterproof, dustproof.
Oilfield monitoring, navigation, fishery, aquaculture,
railway&freeway security, seaport&airport security,
mariculture security, city security and forest fire prevention
Technical specification
Technical specification
ModelModel VVC21100C21100–LFZLFZ DetectionDetection Day: 10kmDay: 10km CameraCamera UlUltratra–low illumination starlight CMOSlow illumination starlight CMOS Minimum illumination: 0.0005 Lux (color)/0.0001 Lux (black)Minimum illumination: 0.0005 Lux (color)/0.0001 Lux (black) 112mm~1000mm lens, 83X optical zoom2mm~1000mm lens, 83X optical zoom Focus: Manual/Auto focus, support multiple trigger modesFocus: Manual/Auto focus, support multiple trigger modes AutoAuto Iris: supportIris: support IImage process: mage process: support white balance, electronic shutter, frame accumulation, backlight compensation, support white balance, electronic shutter, frame accumulation, backlight compensation, strong strong light suppression, 2D/3Dlight suppression, 2D/3D DNR, and so onDNR, and so on Support electronic fog penetration and optical fog penetrationSupport electronic fog penetration and optical fog penetration Video audioVideo audio Visible camera resolution:2592×1520;2560×1440;1920×1080;1280×1024;1280×960;1024×768;1280×720;704×576;640×512;640×480;400×300;384×288;352×288;352×240 3.Video encoding: H.265/H.264/MJPEG,multi-stream support 4.Video code rate:32Kbps~16Mbps 5.Audio encoding:G.711A/ G.711U/G726 Intelligent Analysis 1. Support intrusion detection, cross-line detection, entry/exit area detection, motion detection, Deep learning: 2. support human/vehicle/animal recognition, support ship recognition, support firework recognition; 3. Automatic tracking: support single scene tracking/support multiple scene tracking/support panoramic tracking/support alarm linkage HousingHousing AndAnd PPTZTZ 1. PTZ rotation: Pan 360PTZ rotation: Pan 360°;°; TiltTilt ±±4545°° 2. RotationRotation SpeedSpeed: Pan 0.01~30: Pan 0.01~30°°// S; Tilt: 0.01~15S; Tilt: 0.01~15°°//SS 3. HHousingousing: : HHighigh–strength aluminum alloystrength aluminum alloy,, PTA three antiPTA three anti–corrosion coating, anticorrosion coating, anti–corrosioncorrosion 4. WWiper: supportiper: support 5. Defrost: SupportDefrost: Support 6. PPreset:30000reset:30000 7. LLoad capacity: 50kgoad capacity: 50kg InterfaceInterface 1. CommCommunication and control: RJ45unication and control: RJ45 2. PProtocol:rotocol: support support HTTPHTTP,,HTTPSHTTPS,,FTPFTP,,SMTPSMTP,,DNSDNS,,NTPNTP,,RTSPRTSP,,RTCPRTCP,,RTPRTP,,TCPTCP,, UDPUDP,,ICMPICMP,,DHCPDHCP;;ssupport upport ONVIFONVIF aandnd GB28181 GB28181 Environmental Environmental indicatorsindicators 1.1.Working temperature: Working temperature: –4040℃~℃~+60+60℃℃ 2. Working humidity: 2. Working humidity: ≤≤95%RH95%RH 3. Protection level: IP663. Protection level: IP66 4. Anti4. Anti–salt fog: in the PH value of 6.5 ~ 7.2, continuous spraying for 96 hours, no change on the surfacesalt fog: in the PH value of 6.5 ~ 7.2, continuous spraying for 96 hours, no change on the surface 5. Anti5. Anti–surge: builtsurge: built–in suin surge protection for the interface circuit, 6000V antirge protection for the interface circuit, 6000V anti–surgesurge